Film, Video and TV Production and Performance

Recently, I have become more and more interested in the film and video side of my creative endeavors. I am building up quite a catalog of production, engineering and performance credits on the small and big screen. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, as I am regularly adding videos from many of my projects.

"Horror Sliders" Videos - The Red Door

Horror Sliders are my project with Andy Knight Mitchell.  They are short form horror films.  The first one we produced clocks in at around 3 mins and 15 secs.  It was conceived out of our mutual love of horror movies, but because we are both so busy, we new we had to keep the product short.  Thus emerged, Horror Sliders.  It is one of my great pleasures in life to work with Andy because he is on one and the most gifted film maker I’ve ever known, and on the other hand, a twisted creative spirit.  Just sitting around with him and coming up with ideas is a dream.  I highly recommend it.  We have many more sliders written.  We just need time to get together.  The Red Door has been accepted into two Film festivals: The Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest and the Indie Shorts Awards New York.  Keep your eyes peeled for more Sliders coming your way soon.  


Bierman Family Videos

Especially during the quarantine of 2020, I got into producing videos with my 2 boys, Ty and Sam. Although 2020 was such a difficult year for so many people, we will always look back on these videos as a reminder of the best (and worst! LOL) parts of quarantine...

Home School

 Here is a song I wrote during the first week of quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic. It goes out to all the parents dealing with home schooling for the first time. I feel your pain!! Featuring the Bierman Bros, it does a great job of illustrating our "labor of love" in making this video.

Not That Bad

Early in the quarantine months, after writing and producing "Home School" about the new normal and how it was affecting us as parents, I decided to write a follow up from the kid's perspective. It features my seven year old son, Sam. We did this as a school project. Please feel free to share.

Music Video Production and Performance

In addition to my video production for my solo and family efforts, I have also produced multiple videos for the bands that I play in. Additionally, I have been working on some videos for some other bands and musicians as well. As you can see, I also enjoy acting in my own short films and videos, and I have even had a part in a feature-length film called The Independents. Check it out!

TV Production