Treetop Mansion

Treetop Mansion, named by my son, Ty, is my project with Peter Day.  Peter is by far my most sought after collaborator.  We have written at least a hundred songs together and we are in many projects together.  He is my musical compadre and one of my closest friends on the planet.

A few years ago we began meeting every Wednesday at Liontone Studios in Middlebury, VT.  “Workshop Wednesday” began as an exercise in songwriting, while still performing around 150 shows per year with our long-standing Vermont band, The Grift. This session quickly became a highlight of the week for us as two songwriters and longtime collaborators. The glowing tubes of the preamps and compressors (and one trusty space heater) would warm the modest studio through the winter months, while ceiling fans did precious little to cool it down in the hot summer months. But – with no deadline or outside pressure for a finished product – the creative freedom and time to experiment with different sounds and musical ideas was inspiring. 

The finished songs slowly began to flow.  After a year or two, we distilled our gallons of raw songs into a 10-song collection of concentrated sonic syrup as addictive as Vermont’s best known maple export. Realizing we had a batch of really f@#%ing good songs worth sharing, we decided to bring on visionary Vermont-born producer/engineer and frequent collaborator Dave DeCristo (Twiddle, Alpenglow, Mike Gordon, The Sweet Remains). Rhythmic samurais Sean Preece and Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde) brought live drums and deep grooves to the project that is, at long last, ready to share with the world. Head on over to our website to learn more about Treetop Mansion.

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